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Aluminium and zinc die casting

The die casting procedure is a very good technical and economic solution for the use of aluminium or zamak parts with complicated shapes. The method allows thin walls, tight tolerances, high surface quality, high savings of material and a continuous production process. This method is used mostly in serial production, because the additional cost for the mold compared to other production procedures pays off only above a certain quantity of pieces.
Our customers for die casted parts come from various industrial sectors such as building of gear units, mechanical engineering, electronics, equipment or building technology and achieve in this domain a clear market edge in technology and efficiency. The castings are usually processed mechanically, and delivered ready for installation and on request coated

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Our die casting capacity: 

Aluminium: Minimum part weight: 5 g -. Maximum part weight : 13 Kg

Aluminium alloys which are used:

226D (EN 46000/EN AC AC - AlSi9Cu3 (Fe)
230D (EN 44300/EN AC AC - AlSi12 (Fe)
231D (EN 47100/EN AC AC - AlSi9Cu1 (Fe)
239 D (EN 43400/EN AC AC - AlSi10Mg (Fe)
Silafont 09 (AlSi9)
Silafont 36 (AlSi9Mg).

Zinc (5g -. 20 Kg weight per piece)

Zinc alloys used:

ZL0400 (GD ZnAl4)
ZL0410 (GD ZnAl4Cu1)
ZL0430 (GD ZnAl4Cu3)

Advantages of aluminium are a high surface quality, good mechanical resistance, easy-to-respect tolerances, good corrosion resistance properties, and the light weight of 1/3 compared to steel.

Advantages of zinc are a high surface-quality, high mechanical resistance, high tensile strength, easy-to-respect tolerances, excellent corrosion properties, and that it is suitable for all surface coatings. Therefore, this material is with 6, 7 kg / dm ³ almost 2.5 times heavier than aluminium

The images here show a part of the products which we have already have manufactured. For a larger image please click on the respective picture.

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