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CNC turning and milling

We are the ideal partner for small, medium and large series. In order to ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness, we manufacture either using solid material, hollow material or forged or casted raw parts. Our clients come from nearly all sectors of manufacturing or processing industry.

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Materials and manufacturing processes in modern production:
We use all types of  steel and casting alloys as well as nonferrous metals like aluminium, brass, bronze which are used  in machine- and plant - engineering on various CNC lathes and machining centers. Depending on customer requirements, additional manufacturing processes such as grinding or super-finishing will be applied.

Heat treatment and coating:

Required heat treatments such as case hardening, long term / short term gas nitriding, plasma nitriding (ion nitriding), induction hardening or tempering will be performed by specialized ISO 16949 certified partners..


Areas of application:

- Automotive
- Drive technology
- Machine construction
- Vehicle construction
- Plant engineering
- Apparatus construction


- Construction steel, case hardened steel/nitrided steel.
- Tempered steel.
- Aluminium
- Brass
- Free-cutting steel
- Various cast alloys

Dimensions of manufacturing:

CNC bar turning from Ø 2 mm to Ø 42 mm
CNC turning up to Ø 2500 mm
CNC milling up to X:4000 - Y:2500 - Z:1100 mm

The images here show a part of the products which we have already have manufactured. For a larger image please click on the respective picture.

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