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Automatic Turning

Automic turning using bar material belongs to the most cost-effective methods of fabrication if the geo-metry and the number of parts to be manufactured is suitable, because of the parallel operation of several machines. Highest quality we offer because of our modern machinery and our know-how. 

This is why we are your ideal partner for small- middle- and large series, because if required we can dispose of storage room or our own. Our customer - base for bar turned parts is composed of nearly all domains of the producing and manufacturing industry.

Materials and production processes in modern production sites 
We process all common steel- copper- and aluminium alloys. Depending on the requirements your bar turned parts are ground and delivered with audit report.

Download PDF-Prospectus: ALFORM_Automatic Turning.pdf     Send your inquiry with your drawing to!

General dimensions for processing 
CNC-automatic turning from Ø 2mm to Ø 42mm


Heat treatment and coating
When heat treatments are required like case hardening, long-time or short-time gas nitriding, tenifer treatment, inductive hardening, tempering or the coating of parts, this is carried out by specialized and ISO 16949 -certified longterm - partners.

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