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From component to module ...precision and quality always on the highest level

Our key competences are the design and construction of gearboxes and tooth couplings for machine and plant engineering companies. Thus we also construct and deliver Europe-wide customer-specific and ready-to-install components such as gears, CNC turning and milling parts, casting parts and drop forging parts for the most varied industrial sectors and in all quantities.

Another key competence of our company is the welding of customer-specific machine frames and pressure vessels including machining as well as blasting and coating according to your technical conditions up to the construction of ready-to-operate machines. 

We manufacture in certified factories for the following industrial sectors:  

» Machine and plant engineering

» Drive technology/ gear manufacturing

» Commercial vehicle manufacturers and agricultural machinery manufacturers/ automotive

» Cement industry, petrochemical industry, food industry, plastics industry, paper industry, non-ferrous metal industry, clothing industry, coal and steel industry, oil and gas industry as well as the steel and energy production.

Today the long-term experience of our employees has an effect on every of our manufactured products as a modular element. The satisfaction of our customers always is of top priority for us.

Our principle is highest flexibility and quality in combination with sophisticated logistics and a comprehensive service. This way we achieve highest reliability. This distinguishes us as dynamic and ambitious enterprise and makes us a partner very much in demand on the market.

Take advantage of our performance! Convince yourself of the excellent quality of our products while reducing your total cost in the same time.

Quality management

Based on long years of experience we have established an efficient system of quality-control according to internal conditions in combination with the requirements of our customers.

In order to fulfill the requirements of our customers,we continuously measure the efficiency, verify and enhance our processes. Thus we achieve continuousimprovement.


Our logistics management goes far beyond a sheer disposition of merchandise. Formerly hardly more than the transport of merchandise from the site of production to the customer, today logistics is a complex, exactly tuned system of production - control, warehouse management, transport and various services like packaging, loading and electronic data processing. The planning of which products shall be manufactured with which machines in which factories is a complex task. We understand this task.


In order to guarantee continuous and delivery always on schedule, we hold series-parts ready for a fast delivery from our interim storage facility.

Production sites

In the most modern production sites your drive- and machine-components are manufactured and verified exclusively by highly qualified professional personnel.


Among our customers are renowned big corporations and their suppliers, as well as small and medium business in Germany and Austria as well as worldwide.

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