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Welded modules

We produce on a production area of a total of 20,000 square metres, 7,000 of them are covered, for all kinds of machine and plant engineering manufacturers of the oil and gas refining industry as well as for plants of the metal industry, chemical industry, food industry, cement industry, plastics industry, paper industry, clothing industry, coal and steel industry, biodiesel industry and power plant industry as well as for the traffic and environmental technology.

Our strength lies in the production of customized plants such as pressure vessels, mixers, machine frames and machine housings, heat exchangers, reactors, filters, columns up to the manufacturing of ready-to-install plants and ready-to-operate plants including mechanical processing as well as blasting and coating according to the customer´s wish.

In doing so we rise to nearly every challenge and we provide an appropriate solution for our customers even for the highest requirements. This also includes the design and the construction service of our engineers if required.

 We weld the following steel and stainless steel alloys:

- Carbon steel (SA516 Gr.70, Gr.60, SA285, S235 Jr., P355GH, P265GH, St.37, St.44, St.52, etc.)

- Stainless steel (304/304L, 316/316L, 316Ti, 317L, 410/410S, 904L, Monel400)

- Clad plates (CS+SS)

- Duplex stainless steel and Superduplex stainless steel (2205, 2304, 2507)

- Inconel (600, 601, 625), Monel, Hastelloy (C22, C276), Incoloy.

- Weld cladding procedure, build-up welding (CS/Cr-Mo + SS)

- HIC (hydrogen induced cracking) resisting blades for Amin applications, acid applications, poison applications and hazardous applications.

It goes without saying that o
ur stainless steel and carbon steel manufacturing are welded in separated areas.

We manufacture in accordance with EN- & ASME- GOST- and SASO-standards and we export all over Europe with the required building regulation PED2014/68/EU-EC with the corresponding documentation including CE-marks, ASME U & S stamps, material certificate according to EN 10204 3.1 or 3.2 as well as the TÜV-certificate.

The certificates National-Board-PED 2014/68/EU-ATEX 94/9/EC-ISO 9001-ISO 14001-OHSAS 18001 are also there.

Download PDF-Prospekt: Alform _Datasheet _Welding.pdf  Send your inquiry with your drawing to!

Areas of application

- Machine and plant engineering
- Drive technology / gearboxes
- Crane building
- Apparatus building


For any task the suitable welding method:

Arc welding, resistance welding / spot welding /
- TIG (tungsten- inert- gas welding)
- MIG (metal- inert- gas welding)
- MAG (metal- active- gas welding)
- Electrode welding

Base frame:

Application : Pumping
Dimensions: L=2500 H=270 W=1100 mm
Weight: ca. 0.5 tons
Manufactured acc. to customer's drawing.

Heat exchanger:

Application: Rolling mill
Dimensions: Ø 5500 mm H=1900 mm
Weight: ca. 4.5 tons
Manufactured acc. to customer's drawing.

Machine frame:

Application: Extruder
Dimensions: : L=6000 H=900 B=1000 mm
Weight: ca. 1.7 tons
Manufactured acc. to customer's drawing.

Gearbox housing:

Application: Conveyor system
Dimensions: L=2900 H=1800 B=1600 mm
Weight: ca. 2 tons
Manufactured acc. to customer's drawing.

Special gear housing:

Application: Mixing
Measures: L=2100 H=900 W=1150 mm
Weight: ca. 1.5 tons
Manufactured acc. to customer's drawing.


Application: Crane construction/portal crane
Dimensions: L=1600 H=1650 W=615 mm
Weight: ca. 1.6 tons
Unit ready for installation
Manufactured acc. to customer's drawings

Pressure mixing vessel

Application: food industry
Dimensions: l=650 mm h= 770mm w=660 mm
Weight : approx. 150 kg
Manufactured acc. to the customer's drawing.


Paddle dryer

Application: food industry
Dimensions: l=6.000 mm h= 2.500 mm w=2.000 mm
Weight : approx. 7 tons
Manufactured acc. to the customer's drawing.



Application: regenerator-petrochemistry
Dimensions: l=12.000 mm h= 3.500 mm w=3.500 mm
Weight : approx. 15 tons
Manufactured acc. to the customer's drawing.



- Application: cooker-seed oil drying & filtration
Dimensions: l=12.000 mm h= 6.000 mm w=6.000 mm
Weight : approx. 120 tons
- Manufactured acc. to the customer's drawing.


Pressure vessel

- Application: oil- & gas industry
- Dimensions: various up to l=40.000 mm h= 6.500 mm w=6.500 mm
- Weight : various up to approx. 120 tons
- Manufacturing acc. to the customer's drawing.

Heat Exchanger (Air cooled & Shell and tube type)

Application: oil & gas & petrochemistry
- Dimensions: various according to the customer´s indications
- Weight: various according to the customer´s indications


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