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Gears from Alform today are part of a large variety of applications. Be it as a worm shaft in the convertible roof of a cabriolet or as a 1000 kg spur gear in a conveyor system or in a ship's engine. When quality is needed, our worldwide customers prefer to resort to our decade-long experience in the gearing process.

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Materials and manufacturing-procedures in modern production sites:
We process case hardening steel, tempered steel, nitrided steel, construction steel, aluminium, bronze, various cast alloys and plastic for CNC-turning and milling, hobbing, gear shaping, broaching, hard machining, tooth flank grinding, lapping,  external and internal cylindrical grinding depending on material and your application.

Heat treatment and coating:
Required heat treatments such as case hardening, long term / short term gas nitriding, plasma nitriding (ion nitriding), inductive heating, tempering or coating we let execute by specialized ISO 16949 - certified partners.

Types of gear cutting in our spectrum of production:

Spur gears:
Straight, helical or double-helical:
Ø 20 mm -up to  Ø 2500 mm
Module 0.5 - module 32
Tooth width max. 1000 mm

The tooth flanks are milled, shaved or ground according to the customer's specifications.
Thus we can meet also your higher demands about gear quality.
Because of our many years of experience we have the know-how to ensure, depending on the component, a gearing quality of up to 4 acc.
permanently and in documented manner.

Internal Gears:
Module 0,5 - module 16
Exterior diameter up to 1700 mm milled, up to 1200 mm if ground
Max. toothwidth 400 mm

Between the diameters Ø 250- 1200 mm we can also grind respectively mill the internal gears straightly or in helical manner.
For internal gears in this range of diameters we can guarantee a constant gear quality of 4 with documents.

Bevel gears:
Geared in straight or spiral manner, as well as in hypoid  or cyclo hypoid manner:
Module 1 - 10, up to Ø 500 mm
Tooth flanks can be milled or lapped.


Pinion shafts, splined shafts:
Module 0.5-Module 36, up to Ø 2500 mm


Module  min. 1 - max. 6  Ø 80 mm
Length max. 750 mm

Worm Gears:
Module min. 1 max. 6  Ø 350 mm


Racks :
Up to max: width 600 mm  x  length: 4000 mm, module up to 25.
Racks are exclusively milled.

Grinding of the tooth flanks:
Up to Ø 2500 mm, module 32
Tooth width max. 1100 mm




Gear couplings with curved toothing:
Torques up to 10,000,000 Nm (10,000 kNm).
Bore diameters up to 1200mm both for merchandise ordered by catalogue as for customer-specific parts. Test us with toothed couplings, combining our quality with fair prices!



ALFORM delivers also standard gears beginning with small series according to our standard catalogue.

Please download our catalogues for standard gears and send your inquiry to!

Download-PDF-Catalogue: ALFORM-Standard-Spur gears.pdf
Download-PDF-Catalogue: ALFORM-Standard-Spline shafts.pdf
Download-PDF-Catalogue: ALFORM-Standard-Internal gears.pdf

The images here show a part of the products which we have already have manufactured. For a larger image please click on the respective picture.

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